Exams in the era of COVID-19

“We can’t organize the course exam as a mass event with everyone in the classroom. The exam will be organized online. How that happens, well, to me that might be an even bigger mystery than to you. I will get back to this, when we have come up with a solution.” 

This is a direct quote from my professor in one of my university courses at the beginning of the semester. This is just one course that has been monstrously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Multiply this by the amount of courses and the amount of education institutions around the globe, and we can say that the education sector is facing huge challenges and a pressing need for re-organization due to the current crisis. 

I have been thinking about eExams since the beginning of the semester. How would we organize them in a simple manner – and now, not after years of product development? One idea came to mind. Our product, Formjack. If this is the first time you hear about it: simply put, Formjack is a user-friendly and secure software for form-based transactions, especially created for public sector. Formjack can be used, for instance, to create questionnaires, handle registrations – and organize eExams. 

How would it be done, in all simplicity?

  1. Create the exam in Formjack
    1. When you have the questions ready, creating the exam in the system is fast and easy. 
    2. The system supports several question types, such as essay format and multiple choice questions.
    3. Assignments requiring the use of excel or drawing formulas by hand can be answered through attachments in the form.
    4. Info-texts are easily added to the form to guide the student forward in the exam. 
  2. Limit the forms publicity time: Open it up at the beginning of the exam, and close it when the exam ends. 
    1. Add the link to the form to a platform where the students know to look for it. They can open the form in the moment of its publication. 
  3. Create course-specific authentication for the students to use to open the form. 
  4. Students submit their answers.
    1. All submissions are saved in one view – it’s easy to access the submissions for grading.
    2. The submissions can be downloaded in PDF-format if needed. 
  5. Grade the submission in Formjack
    1. You can use hidden fields in the form – they are not visible for the student, but will become active for the one assessing the submissions. The grade can be added to this field. 
    2. If you so choose, you can send the assessment and any comments to the student’s email from the software. 
    3. If you have used the hidden field for grading, you can import all the grades from the programme to, for instance, excel, and then take them to other systems if needed. 

This is just one idea on how Formjack can be used in education processes – already today.

Would it work for you?